About Miasecrets

People in Africa are connected to the earth and the natural world, they understand nature. While people in the western world have forgotten a lot of nature’s secrets, people here in Senegal use all kinds of plants to heal, treat, and feed themselves throughout their lives.

MiaSecrets Products are not just inspired by nature, they are pure nature.

Soraya & MiaSecrets

Soraya Mouritzen founder of MiaSecrets

After working as a hairdresser for more than 15 years, the last 4 in Senegal, I started to look for natural and local products for my clients. I discovered the Baobab Oil, and I was amazed and surprised by its incredible, diverse, and nutritious use – and my clients loved it. Not only for their hair, also for their skin.

I liked the idea of using the natural products around me. So I began searching for other products and found the Baobab Powder, Moringa Powder and the Hibiscus blossoms. I’m always looking for new products and new way to use them.

Natural source of Beauty and Health for everyone

All MiaSecrets Products are rich sources of vitamins, protein, antioxidants and minerals. Just add a teaspoon of Powder to your Cereal, your Smoothie or your spicy sauce. It is so easy to do something good for your body!